US Expat Tax Services


Residing outside of US? Need help with filing your US tax returns? 


Our tax professionals will assist you in complying with your US tax filing requirements.


US Citizens and US Green Card holders (US persons) living anywhere around the globe may still have an obligation to comply with the US filing requirements. Our expert team of US expat tax advisors consists of a team of CPA's and CA's with a diverse tax and business background. Our team understands the key tax issues, stay apprised of tax treaties and necessary compliance requirements for US citizens living abroad. We provide the following US expat tax filing services:

As you work towards your financial goals, we are here to help you by serving as a tax guide and helping you in utilizing your resources more efficiently and effectively. For detailed description on US Expat tax services, please click here.

US Tax Research

Tax research is a consuming and high energy activity, with uncertain results. We understand the distress tax practitioner’s go through when they have to spend their precious billable hours in researching the tax issue and yet struggling to find answers to their tax problems.

We assist the clients in understating the nitty-gritty of the tax issue, effectively perform and document the research and communicate the findings to the clients.

We provide our clients with timely answers and most recent research on their tax issues. Are ready to receive the unmatched wealth of information?


US Tax Training - Taxtrain

Want to be a tax preparer expert to ensure that you are equipped with the latest tax guidance during the upcoming tax season!


We provide complete training on US Individual, Corporate and Partnership tax return (Form 1040, 1120 and 1065) and teach you everything you need to know to become a tax preparer.

At Taxtrain., you will learn the basics of Federal personal and business tax returns and State tax returns, latest amendments and new development required to apply when preparing the returns. Apart from imparting basic training, we believe in encouraging the candidates to understand the core concept, key tax return issues and tax saving ideas.

Enroll to our classroom course and get the training from the industry's best!

US Tax Processing

We offer individual tax preparation services (Form 1040) including schedules pertaining to the return. Our team of experienced tax professionals has immense experience in providing US tax processing for individuals.