About Us

We at Expat Tax Services promote the saying “Live Life on your own terms”. Explore different opportunities life has to offer you, whether it is working or living abroad or travelling for an extended period. We help you Live your Life hassle free and with confidence by taking care of your US tax filing requirements. We specialize in U.S. expatriate tax services for U.S. citizens,  Permanent Residents (Green Card holders) and US tax domiciled persons and companies residing outside of the US.

We understand the stress that those with mandatory US tax obligations have to go through every year in order to remain compliant with their US tax filing obligations.

We recognize each client’s unique situation that calls for different tax filing obligations. We help bring clarity to your situation and are equipped with the key tax knowledge base and filing requirements to assist you to stay compliant with the IRS regulations.

Our team

We are extremely proud of our professional and knowledge driven team of US expat tax experts. For us, understanding the client’s need is the key. Our tax professionals provide individual attention to the unique needs of each client. This helps us to execute our services more efficiently and successfully.

Our team of US tax experts is committed to assisting you across the globe with your IRS filing obligations.